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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 2, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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ted, white and blue by ted nugent and carrie prejean's "still standing." allen blends sports anecdotes, memorable, funny, and nostalgic with the political issues we face drawing out the principles ofports to the issues we face and our national life and politics. here is a real world sports application for allen to remember. know when to punt. >> thank you very much, kent. appreciate that. >> thank you very much, kent. appreciate that. "first look" is up next. battle lines drawn, libyan president, moammar gadhafi, makes a desperate bid to hold on to power. swept away, torrential rains unleash massive floods and landslides in bolivia. and charlie's war, charlie sheen is dealt a major blow in custody battle with his estranged wife. good morning, everyone, i'm lynn berry, those stories and more straight ahead, this is "first
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look" on msnbc. we begin this morning with a brewing civil war. with no resolution in sight to the rebellion in libya, the country appears to be nearing a full-on conflict. libyan leader, moammar gadhafi is trying to secure a buffer zone around tripoli, as the opposition fights over lippia piece by piece. nbc's jim maceda filed this report from libya late last night. >> reporter: preparing for war, a short drive outside tripoli and one sees the gauntlet close-up facing any invading rebel force, hundreds of tanks and anti-artillery pieces have turned the city of two million into a fortress. it's fast becoming libyan leader moammar gadhafi's last stronghold, less than 30 miles
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away in the rebel-held of zawiya, protesters celebrated their latest victory. gadhaf gadhafi's son took the setback in stride. >> if you have one or two or 3,000 demonstratodemonstrators, mean that everything is gone and it's over. >> as the standoff continue, both sides are fighting to win a war of words. and images. in benghazi, international news cameras were brought to see rebel fighters training volunteers. and keepinger that heavy weapons ready for battle. >> all people here are one heart. and they believe in one libya. >> reporter: meanwhile, rumors are flying around tripoli tonight that rebel forces could attack this city on friday after prayers. for many here, it's made an uncertain situation here, terrifying, jim maceda, nbc
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news, reporting from tripoli, back to you. secretary of state hillary clinton told lawmakers yesterday that the obama administration will look into allegations moammar gadhafi is personally responsible for ordering the 1988 bombing of pan am flight 103 that crashed into lockerbie, scotland, killing 270 people. nbc's tracie potts joins us from washington with more. >> reporter: if in fact that is the case, she indicated that the u.s. may consider prosecuting gadhafi for ordering that bombing, several ex-officials of gadhafi's government who have fled since the latest violence has occurred has said that he personally ordered the bombing that killed 270 people. victims are now urging the obama administration to reopen the criminal investigation. also another new development, the united nations has suspended libya from its human rights on the u.n. human rights council. that is the first time a nation
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has ever been suspended from that council. they cited what they call gross and systemic human rights violations by libya in the latest violence. now they are not permanently kicked off the council. this would occur until the u.n. decides to fully restore libya's status. and finally our ambassador, to the u.n., susan rice, pushing for removal, saying quote gadhafi must go, he must go now. the senate is expected to approve a temporary funding bill later today that will prevent a government shutdown this friday. the measure, which cuts spending by $4 billion, passed the house yesterday on a bipartisan vote of 335-91. president obama is expected to sign the two-week extension into law. but democrats still remain steadfastly opposed to a longer republican plan, which would cut more than $60 billion through september. well here's your first look at other news going on around
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america today. in washington, a natural gas explosion earlier this week was captured on cell phone. investigators say the eruption of flames was sparked by a fire at a bus fueling island inside a local transportation headquarters. firefighters gained control of the fire within an hour. in massachusetts, a store clerk turned the table on a would-be robber's attempt to hold up her store. after being threatened with a knife, she struck back with a weapon of her own and chased the suspect out 69 store. the store clerk said she was afra afraid. a driver who swerved his truck to avoid a deer in kentucky, ran into a river. he was able to survive by scrambling out of the car before it was washed over the dam. the driver was treated for only minor injuries. in new york, times square is the backdrop for five new pieces of art. the sculptures range in size and
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style and include a super-sized rodent. one resembling bubbling sea foam. a ten-foot tall woman and one aptly titled, counting sheep. the works of art are a part of a week-long public exhibition. now for look at the national weather, we turn to nbc meteorologist, bush administration karins. a giant rodent in times square. >> you can go underground and see them anywhere. >> or downstairs in my apartment. >> i'll send the exterminator over. >> thank you. let's chat about conditions across the country, yesterday it was a nice day, no severe weather to talk about. today we're not watching any rain or snow on the map. the white you see on this map are the clouds. and there's a cold front that's heading up in a storm system through canada, dragging some cold air through the middle of the country. this is the only forecast concern. if you step outside from detroit to chicago, means, green bay,
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anywhere in the dakotas, that's where you're feeling the latest cold blast of winter. if everything goes right, this will hopefully be one of the really last kwoeld air masses of the winter season. temperatures this morning in minneapolis are 25 degrees colder right now than at this time yesterday. and a little chillier in florida, remember we had the front going through. so temperatures, the wind chill is the issue. right now the wind chill is minus 14 in minneapolis. and everywhere in white here is in the negative numbers, so as far as the kids going to school today, not a fun morning. minus 21 in fargo, duluth is at minus 26. and chicago, kansas city and st. louis, the wind chill is going to go your way. and your temperatures will get colder throughout the day. today's forecast, chicago, only 27 degrees. your temperature drops during the day. now the east coast, out ahead of the front, not a bad day. philly, dng, baltimore, new york, pretty nice today. but the front swings through during the day. it's going to get windy this
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afternoon and tonight. and tomorrow is a very cold day in new england, a high of only 24 in march. that's kind of rare for boston. and if boston is 24, you know the rest of new england is colder than that. and even areas around d.c. will be chillier tomorrow. tranquil, no big storms, but that temperature will get your attention tomorrow here in the east. >> bill, thank you. coming up, oil see-saws back up. good news on retail. and an apple unveiling. your your first look at business headlines is straight ahead. the magic put a spell on the knicks, the heat have a new point guard, plus an incredible finish with plenty of backbone.
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welcome back to first look. i'm lynn berry, here's some stories making news this morning. three weeks after igniting a heated dispute with unions over his proposal to end collective bargaining, governor scott walker has unveiled a budget containing deep cuts of $1. 5
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billion schools and local governments. meanwhile, an ohio senate panel is considering a measure that would ban all public workers from skriking and subject them to fines and possible jail times if they do. a spokesman for potential 2012 presidential candidate, mike huckabee, said the former arkansas governor quote simply misspoke when he said in a radio interview that president obama grew up in kennia huckabee argued the president's childhood in kenya shaped his world view. despite the fact that he didn't visit the country until he was in the his 20s. hundreds of residents in bolivia have been left homeless after a landslide yesterday. 400 homes destroyed, no immediate reports of casualties. and new jersey congressman, rush holt has scored a win for humanity after trouncing watson, the jeopardy supercomputer in an untelevised exhibition match earlier this week. holt, a former rocket scientist
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turned politician, netted $2400 more than watson. maybe he can figure out the budget issues. now here's your first look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 12058, after falling 168 points yesterday. the s&p dropped 20, the nasdaq sank 44. taking a look at overseas trading, in toyko, the nikkei tumbled 261 points and in hong kong, the hang seng plunged 347. fears that middle east unrest could undermine the economic recovery rattled markets again yesterday, oil uncertainty resurfaced after renewed counterattack business pro government forces in libbia while reports iran was cracking down on anti-government protesters added to investors' fears. oil shot up more than $2, to settle just under $100 a barrel. and investors shrugged off fed chair, ben bernanke's, testimony before a senate banking committee that higher prices could impact the recovery. but only temporarily. as for february, new data
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shows retail sales were up, despite rising fuel costs and all those nasty winter storms. auto sales are also bouncing back with sweeter deals and discounts pushing february sales up an average of 20% over last year. house lawmakers welcomed word from treasury secretary, timothy geithner, that the obama administration plans to dissolve ailing housing giants, fannie mae and freddie mac, but he warned it must be done gradually. former director of goldman sachs and proctor and gamble is being charged in what's being called the largest insider hedge trading fund ever. j. crew approved a $3 billion sale of the retailers to two private equity firms. apple is unexpected to unveil it's long-awaited, thinner, faster, and camera-equipped ipad ii. but what's not so certain is whether the company's ailing ceo, steve jobs, will take part. and a london council
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confiscated supplies of so-called baby gaga ice cream made with breast milk from a restaurant, which launched the new flavor last week. over potential health concerns. it was apparently selling out. a rare loss for the spurs. the great eight notches a winner and trickery pays off in women's hoops, plus the nation's number one team boasts a number one shooter. from downtown. your first look at sports is straight ahead. you're watching fist look on msnbc. unexpected. and unlike any hybrid you have ever known. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. ♪ the radically new... 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. ♪ welcome to the darker side of green.
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welcome back to first look, i'm lynn berry. in sports, the much-improved new york knicks recently beat lebron in miami, but it was a different story in orlando. >> good morning to you, the knicks may have kbhcarmelo anth, but they're missing a big body in the middle and the magic's dwight howard took full advantage in orlando. chauncey billups had 30 and new york was up 11 at break. howard got the hoop with ease. jammer nelson interrupted and gave orlando the nine point lead. tony parker is out with a calf strain and the spurs missed him dearly. membphi memphis. yesterday we told you about mike
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bibby forfeiting $4.6 million. bibbie expected to sign with the miami heat. troy murphy had a similar situation and signed with the celtics. if you're countying at home, that's 30 points. a new career high for him. buckeyes won it 82-61. hooky great finished, cavs-islanders. on to overtime, alex ovechkin took things into his own hands, skating coast to coast, powered his way to net and scored the game winner. back to basketball, .7 seconds to play, concordia university down one, danielle clawson flew up the back of the defender and picked off the jumper to win. off the back and through the hoop, just like the coach drew it up. don't turn your back on concord ya u., they advance to the naia
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tournament. now for another quick look at the weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast. >> that looks look my video. lynn, today, not bad, tomorrow morning is not going to be fun in new england, temperatures aren't too bad if you're heading out this morning, temperatures in the 30s. it's kind of like yesterday, although this afternoon will be a little bit of a change, as far as today's forecast, we'll get up there in the 40s in most areas of new england, a little cold anywhere albany. areas around philly to d.c. should be really nice, 56 and 57. what's going to happen this afternoon is a strong cold front blows through. the winds pick up and the temperatures will begin to dip. and tomorrow morning at this time, we'll be a very cold one. probably the coldest morning we're going to see until next winter. look at the highs on thursday, we're only going to be 22 in albany. 27 in hartford, that's your high temperature. these are temperatures we get maybe in january, not in march.
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24 will be a little shock to the system. friday gets better in boston and it looks like a rainy weekend in new england and the mid-atlantic. we'll have to watch the next storm system. if it gets this warm and we get heavy rain, there's a chance for flooding out there. especially in eastern new england. wednesday's forecast for today, much of the country is quiet. the west coast has some rain. the cold air that arrives in new england tomorrow, today, that's in minneapolis, to green bay, chicago, and up there to detroit. so one more shot of winter. and i hope that's it. >> from your mouth to god's ears, bill, thank you. charlie sheen runs up against an authority figure who doesn't have to accept his lifestyle. a judge. plus, after her arrest, hollywood is asking if christina aguilera is the next celebrity pulling public meltdown. your first look at entertainment is straight ahead. you're watching first look on msnbc. hey, rufus.
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it's time now for your first look at entertainment news. the latest in the ongoing charlie sheen saga. nbc news's jeff rossen reports police came to sheen's home last night and removed his twin boys. estranged wife, brooke mueller successfully petitioned a judge to remove sheen's sons from his custody, based on his unique living arrangement with two girlfriends. sheen told nbc news this is not the america i grew up in. with that, matt damon dropping out of the popular jason bourne movie series, shiia labeouf is said to be the next
5:26 am
candidate. katie holmes is suing "star" magazine for $50 million. and christina aguilera was arrested for public intoxication in west hollywood early tuesday morning. when according to a police spokesperson, she didn't know her address and had trouble standing. >> she was released when she straightened up and will not be prosecuted. as mentioned, nbc's jeff rossen has been reporting on charlie sheen all week and last night on the last word with lawrence o'donnell, lawrence asked jeff how he landed his incredibly candid interviews with charlie sheen. >> i've been talking to him on the phone and actually texting with him for certainly months in the plaza hotel meltdown happened in new york city. i started talking to his publicist, who quit yesterday. and his manager, mark burg and ultimately, charlie himself and we had a series of conversations
5:27 am
about getting together. at one point, i flew out to los angeles, it was an off-the-record secret meeting on the set of "two and a half men." they wanted me to sea that charlie was hitsing his marks. i hit with him and he was a great guy. >> how was he on the set of "two and a half men." >> amazing, truly that's what i walked away from -- >> and this was after the hotel incident? >> yes. he walked in, i watched frommed beginning to the end, he hit his take, first take, ever are i time. >> how did people treat him on the set? how did the crew regard him? >> very normally. he was being very social. he was at the craft services table, talking to the crew, talking to the actors, at that time, it hadn't been shut down yet. the question is how does he get along with the crew now that they're not being paid. >> more with lawrence o'donnell and the last word week nights at 8:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. last night on "late night" with jimmy fallon, he couldn't
5:28 am
resist his commentary on charlie sheen. >> last night charlie sheen brought out a drug test to prove that he's clean and he answered some questions to prove that he's not. costco has started selling designer wedding dresses for 40% less than boutiques. yeah. it's typical costco deal. you're like, i wasn't planning on getting married, but 40% off? i got to get a couple of these guys. just give me a package of 50? 50 wedding dresses? i got to do it. christina aguilera was arrested this morning for public intoxication. christina aguilera, not good. i heard the breathalyzer, she blew a point oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. >> tonight jimmy welcomes actress abigail breslin, late night with jimmy fallon, week nights at 12:30 on your local
5:29 am
nbc station. bill, they said we could talk about whatever we want in the last block. i don't even know where to begin. >> am i the only person that was shocked that charlie sheen's kids were in his house? >> i know. >> that actually -- i didn't even find remotely funny. it was a little -- depressing to watch the two ladies holding on to his twin boys. so hopefully all of this ends in some fine way. i'm lynn berry and this is first look on msnbc. way too early with willie geist starts right now. the libyan opposition says it now needs international back-up in its fight against moammar gadhafi who of course has an entire military as its disposal. the question is will the united states lead the u.n. in establishing a no-fly zone over a sovereign country, we'll see. meanwhile back in washington, the house reach as deal to keep the government up and running and harry reid says democrats will pass it through the senate. the qu


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